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Backing up phone options and insurance question

My z3 compact contract is up on April 1St and am wanting to back my phone up.
My pc is too old to install pc companion and won't even accept my phone being plugged in despite trying to install drivers and all public pc's won't let me do this.
Can I backup to Google drive? Photos, videos, calendar, texts etc?

Also if I go sim only can I still have my phone insured in a sim only contract?

Many thanks

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Re: Backing up phone options and insurance question

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Some info in >


I back up to my Google account and I use Dropbox too and My Samsung Account too with contacts also in my gmail. I save items to my Sd Card too. 


There are a few ways to insure a mobile phone. 


Some bank accounts also provide cover as a perk of the account. 


Network provided cover and 3rd party options. 


The answers yes to covering your phone if you wish via Vodafone. 





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Re: Backing up phone options and insurance question

Thanks I think I can backup to Google drive just using my phone.
Things never go smoothly. Does it mean I can backup all texts, etc to Google drive.?

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Re: Backing up phone options and insurance question

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Yes, you can use Google Drive, which will probably have enough space unless you have a lot of content. It may also take quite a long time, depending on your network upload speed. There are other options however:


1. Buy an sd card.  You can then copy everything to this and transfer it to the new phone.  Set it as default storage for as many apps as possible and things like photos and music should go there automatically.  You'll never have to fiddle about with backup again. Smiley Happy


2. Install a file manager app such the ES File Manager or File Manager from Cheetah Mobile (that's the one I use, but they're both good).   You can then use it to access a shared drive on a PC (t logs in just like the PC itself) and back up to that.   Note, btw, that 3rd party File Managers CAN'T write to an sd card due to Android security - you have to use the system one for that, but they don't access external networks.


3. Use the Transfer My Phone option which should be in you phone's main settings menu (as long as it's running JellyBean onwards).  That'll pick up logs, SMS, contacts and quite a lot more, though how much depends on the manufacturer and whether the two phones are the same brand, I think.

Edited to add: you can't back SMS up directly to Google Drive.   If the Transfer option isn't available, there are apps which will will back them up.

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