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Another "Could not activate cellular data network" user !!

I've been a long standing O2 and always wanted an iPhone.  I took the route of buying a PAYG phone from them, and had it unlocked after 6 months (worked out about £5 than buying an unlocked phone from apple, plus the O2's rate including data usage was more appealing for my use), however at work there is no O2 3G signal, but a good Vodafone one


So I have a vodafone PAYG SIM, topped it up with £15, and then used £5 of that to buy the Web package to test things out.  In my account it is definately active and showing lots of red dots (expires Sept 4th), but I still can't use the 3G outdoors (when I go into the settings page, I see Voda with 3 blue bars next to it and 3G in blue).  There is a Voda mast right next to where we work, so it's not a signal problem!


I've upgraded my iphone to iOS 4.3.5


Definately not in airplane mode

Can receive/send phone calls and texts

General -> Network :  Cellular data is ON


Cellular data has the following settings

Cellular Data
username - wap
password - wap

username - wap
password - wap
MMS Proxy -
MMS Max Message Size = 307200
MMS UA Prof URL - blank


Yet I still get "Could not activate cellular data network" .  Swap in my O2 SIM, and go outside, O2 is fine.  I have done this in 2 locations where a Voda USB dongle works fine.  I'm banging my head against a wall as I'd really like to move to Voda, but this is stopping me. Any ideas please?

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Re: Another "Could not activate cellular data network" user !!

Hi sweepdog.


Thank you for your post. :smileyhappy:


I understand how frustrating it can be when you are paying for something you are not able to use it.


I would love to help you with this and due to the details you have provided means I am going to need to look into your account to check if any bars are currently on there and get them removed, to do this I have sent an email for you to complete and reply to in order for me to rectify this. 


Hope to hear from you soon.


Many Thanks



eForum Team


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Re: Another "Could not activate cellular data network" user !!

OK, will send me details on - bit busy at work tomorrow

What hours do you guys work?

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Re: Another "Could not activate cellular data network" user !!

Hi sweepdog,


As you may guess by the time of my post, the eForum team work 24/7 however, if we need to speak with our support teams regarding the issue then certain queries may have to wait for a response until during the day rather than over night. :smileyhappy:



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Re: Another "Could not activate cellular data network" user !!

Hi james,


I'm having the exactly same issue. 3g is working fine on my O2 sim in an unlocked Iphone 3gs but when I swap the new Vodafone PAYG sim in I get the "Could not activate cellular data network".


Have Vodafone Text and Web Freebee enabled. have toped up. All the network settings are correct. signal is strong.


Any help would be much appreciated.





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Re: Another "Could not activate cellular data network" user !!

I could be wrong but as far as i know if you are on PAYG the 2 APN's below






need to be changed to




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