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Fed up of waiting...

So...recently upgraded my phone on my contract to a Blackberry Torch, and HATE THE THING! It's dreadful...has a chip in one corner above the screen, which gives off what feels like a small electric shock everytime I'm on the phone. I waited almost a month for the phone to arrive as there was some issue with dispatch...


THEN...I give up on the Blackberry front and give in to the iPhone 4. I was told it would arrive yesterday (and had a text to confirm), so took the day off work to make sure I Was here. Nothing arrived, and no text or email to say it wouldn't come. Woke up this morning to a text sent at 7.30 saying it had been delayed (no s*** Sherlock!!) and I would be notified of when it would be coming out to me. 


I call Vodafone. The call centre staff are always brilliant - but this one particular person told me she would call me back with an answer...I was never called. I call back and find out that the order has to be re-placed. Now...if I hadn't called...I would just never have recieved the phone...! Why did I not get a call to say that the phone wasn't going to be dispatched? I lost a day of sit around and wait for nothing to happen...


A very very unhappy Bunny...

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Re: Fed up of waiting...

Good Morning theatreboff, 


This is quite strange as we do send texts if there are any delays. 


I apologise for any inconvenience caused, if you'd like me to check your account to see any reason why the order didn't go through on time, I'm happy to do that. 


Please follow the instructions in the private message I've just sent and a member of the team will be in touch as soon as possible. 

You can find your PM inbox here.


All the best, 



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