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New SIM, no service



My contract with 3 ends in the next 2 days, and i decided to get a SIM only monthly contract with Vodafone as the signal is much better in my area.

Unfortunately the first SIM that i ordered wasn't a microsim like i need for my IPhone 4 (totally my fault), so after trying and failing to trim it down properly i trekked into town to the Vodafone store to get a new one. The guy was really helpful and sorted me out with a new MicroSIM promptly and said he'd linked it to my account.


He said it should be working in 10-15 minutes, however it's been over 4 hours now, and when i put the SIM in my phone i still get "No Service" at the top. I've tried turning it off and on a lot with no success. The other suggestion i saw was to activate the SIM online (though it seems it should have been activated in store anyway, particularly as a pay monthly SIM). Unfortunately i can't register online as i don't know my new number yet and have no signal to receive the security code text anyway.


Can anyone remotely check the status of my SIM and see if it's active? Having my phone is very important for my job and my 3 contract is about to expire in 2 days, as is the PAC code i got to transfer my number with.




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Re: New SIM, no service

24 hours now and still no service. Anyone any ideas?

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Re: New SIM, no service

Hi hoonosewot,


Has the SIM activated for you?


Anything going through our network such as a SIM registration can take up to 24 hours. Usually it takes an instant, but sometimes it can take a little longer.:smileytongue:


If it's still not activated, you can find instructions how to contact us here.





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