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No internet outside wifi

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I have an iPhone 4 on monthly cpntract with Vodafone.  As the title says, I can use the internet with no problem at all whenever I am in a wifi zone, including at home, in Tesco, anywhere with free wifi where I have a valid password.  However, I can't get the internet, send/receive email. use Whats App when I'm outside these areas.  I've read through the forum and I think my settings are correct.  If anybody could post exactly what the settings should be or suggest anything else, I'd be grateful.


I can send and receive phone calls and mms.


I haven't got Airplane mode on


My account says I 've used 40mb of data so it must have worked at some stage.



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Re: No internet outside wifi

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If you can send MMS then it sounds like Internet is enabled on your SIM card (you'd need this to send picture messages) - so this points to a potential setting issue on the device itself.


What error message do you get when you try and go on a web page via Safari, for example?


Finally, if you go to:


- Settings > General > Network > Mobile Data Network


Under Mobile data what's your information set up as?


Going from my own iPhone which works fine I have::



Username: wap

Password: wap

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Re: No internet outside wifi

Thank you for replying


All my settings were correct.  I could sit next to people with a Vodafone iPhone 4 and they could get data and I couldn't.  I solved the problem by the hugely scientific act of uninstalling Facebook and then re-installing it.  Everything works fine now.  I have no idea if the Facebook thing had any effect, but whatever happened it all works.


Mobiles and computers :smileymad:

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Re: No internet outside wifi

Hi TonyM19,


It's great to see that you've resolved your issue. Should you have any further questions, you know where to find us.







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