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Unlocking my vodafone iPhone

Hi I bought a second hand iPhone online locked to the vodafone network. Need to unlock but NUC form says I must be a pay monthly customer, I'm not.


I don't know if the phone used to be on contract or PAYG as already stated purchased online.


I'm currently using on a network which piggybacks off of the vodafone network. I have a vodafone PAYG simcard if needed for unlocking.



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Re: Unlocking my vodafone iPhone

You will need to ascertain if the phone was a contract phone or as PAYG phone.


If it was supplied on a contract only that person can request the unlock and they will have to complete the form.


If it was a PAYG phone it can be unlocked for £20 which is paid by putting £20 credit on the sim card.


From the sound of the response you received from Vodafone it does sound as though the phone was on a contract.

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Re: Unlocking my vodafone iPhone

Did you buy it from someone you know or from ebay/cash converter etc?



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