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Vodafone Micro SIM For SIM Free iPhone 4

Had a quick trawl through the first few pages and couldn't see anything that looked like my query, so apologies if it does already exist and I've missed it!!!


I'm considering getting an iPhone 4 that is SIM free (being sold by a mate that is moving over to a HTC) but being a Nokia owner and being 8 months short of upgrading, of course, only have a standard sized SIM.


So my question is; if I purchase a SIM free iPhone 4 would Vodafone be able to provide a Micro SIM that I can transfer my number to thus continuing my exisitng Vodafone contract?

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Re: Vodafone Micro SIM For SIM Free iPhone 4

You wont have any problem getting a micro SIM for your iphone 4.


Pop into a Vodafone store and they will issue you with one and transfer your number to the micro SIM.


You may also like to consider changing your tariff to an iphone plan.

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Wow!!! I didn't quite understand what the hell was going on for the past couple of days but now, after reading various similar posts, I finally do!


I have exactly the same story as several other forum members. Need a payg micro sim for my iphone 4. Went into several Vodafone stores and was repeatedly told the same lies "out of stock" I even tried the Mega Vodafone store on Bond St in London, thinking to myself, there is no way they are going to feed me the same BS. Guess what? They just happened to be out of stock, HOWEVER.......AND HERE IS THE PROOF THEY ARE LYING........they did say that if I made a contract with them, they could give me a micro SIM there and then!!! (apparently, the contract micro sims are different to the payg ones!!!!!)


That proves it, VODAFONE, YOU ARE FULL OF ...............!!!!!! (INSERT THE OBVIOUS) Hours of wasted time, journeys and money, only to be met with a pack of lies and the ultimate insult that Vodafone store staff think I am even more retarded than they are in order to believe their crap!


I seriously cannot believe the business model of vodafone compared with all the other providers out there. What the hell is wrong with you guys???? O2, no problem, Orange, no problem, Vodafone, MAJOR PROBLEM. 



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Re: Vodafone Micro SIM For SIM Free iPhone 4


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Hi there marcus_day1,


Thanks for your post. I'm sorry to read you've been experiencing difficulties getting your hands on a Pay as you Go Micro SIM.


I have to disagree with you on your accusation that we are lying to you, though:


Pay Monthly and Pay as you Go SIM cards are different.


The difference is Pay as you Go SIM cards come pre-loaded with a Pay as you Go number, Pay as you Go services attached, different billing systems have to be programmed as well as other value added services.


Pay Monthly SIM cards come with all the above but are programmed to be tailored to the Pay Monthly services and billing systems.


I trust this clarifies your understanding of the difference between the two types of SIM card.





eForum Team

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Re: Vodafone Micro SIM For SIM Free iPhone 4

How does an iphone plan vary to a standard sim plan?
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Re: Vodafone Micro SIM For SIM Free iPhone 4

Hi Willchristo,


Thanks for your post, that’s a good question.Smiley Happy


If you’re looking at a Sim Only Plan then there isn’t any difference. The only different type of Sim Only plan we have is for BlackBerry users.


You can see our full range of Sim Only plans online.


This is the same with pay monthly plans; the actual type of plan doesn’t differ. The only thing that changes is the cost, this is dependant on which phone you pick, whether it’s an Apple iPhone or a HTC One etc.


Hope that clears things up for you.






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