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iPhone 4 - Upgrade in Hong Kong

Wasn't sure where to Post this............... so Im posting here.

My contract runs out in September in the UK however Im moving to Hong Kong for good on the 1st July. After some research Vodafone do Have an entity within HK known as Smart one. What options do I have. I'm not willing to still be debited the tariff in the UK whilst in HK can I upgrade that contract with the HK entity or amend my contract here to a minium say £5 a month( Tmobile offer this service).

Please advise

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iPhone 4 - Upgrade in Hong Kong

Hi pepkins,

We won't be able to reduce your line rental for the remainder of your contract because you are moving abroad, if you are 9 months into commitment we can reduce line rental by £5 to a minimum of £20.

If you do not wish to be debited whilst away you can pay the remaining line rental onto your account as credit, for example if you have 4 months left at £30 a month you could just pay the £120 up front and the monthly bills will come out of this.

Alternatively if there is anyone willing to take the contract on in their name you can do a transfer of ownership, the other person would need to be over 18 and pass a credit check.

Anymore question about this let us know.:)


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