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iPhone 4s not sending texts or picking up 3G

It was working perfectly fine last night but when I woke up this morning there was no icon for 3G or anyother internet and also will not let me send any texts, imessage fine though.


I have checked the message centre number have restarted the phone but still nothing!


HELP! because this is really starting to get on my nerves and cannot contact anybody by text but it is allowing me to make calls.

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Re: iPhone 4s not sending texts or picking up 3G

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have you tried to reset the network settings?! Just simply go to settings then general then reset and reset network settings
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Re: iPhone 4s not sending texts or picking up 3G

Hi cbanyard1


It would seem a little strange that you're able to send messages via iMessage as a data connection is required to use iMessage. Have you been send these messages via Wi-Fi?


Also, is this happening in just one location. I'd recommend checking the Network Troubleshooting thread and if you're still encountering difficulties please feel free to post back with your findings and we'll be happy to investigate this further for you.





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