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iphone 3gs unlocking 9457416

Re: Unlock Code Request Form [#9457416]‏


Sent my form in about 2 months ago,received email saying to ring customer services because my account in now closed.Spoke to customer services for about 30 min.Was told i would receive unlock code within 48 hours.....over 1 month later still waiting.Any suggestions on what to do now?

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Re: iphone 3gs unlocking 9457416

There is not in fact an unlock code for the iPhone.


Once Apple have completed Vodafone's request to unlock the phone you need to insert a non-Vodafone sim card in the phone and then connect to iTunes. If it has been unlocked you will see a mesage in iTunes telling you so.


Try the above as it is possible that the phone is already unlocked by waiting for you to complete the process by connecting to iTunes.

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Re: iphone 3gs unlocking 9457416

Hi StuMote


Thank you for your post and may I be the first to offer you a very warm welcome to the eForum.Smiley Happy


kids has hit the nail on the head here, please can you let me know if you have tried this?


Many Thanks

eForum Team

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