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now in stock

website is saying that the 4s in 16gb in both black and white are now in stock, is this true? 2 to 4 day delivery


As want to place an order, but dont want to be mucked about like other customers.

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Re: now in stock

Wouldn't bank on it, mate.


If I were you, I'd go to Carphone Warehouse - I have heard they have stock. It seems Vodafone differentiate between what is actually in stock, what is reserved for business customers, what's set aside for back orders, and what's used for upgrades.

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Re: now in stock

no i wouldnt order yours from here. people have been waiting for some time for there's. When i upgraded my contract with them monday the site said the 16gb white iphone 4s was in stock but i've later been advised they arent after i emailed them asking where my order was as it said estimated delivery 2-4days. I would order else where is my advise.
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Re: now in stock

No it isn't in stock as i ordered mine yesterday then straight after received an email saying it was out of stock

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Re: now in stock

I think they are contradicting themselves here: the online store part of this website says iPhone 4S is limited stock but the stock availability thread which apparently is being checked 2 times a day or so, says that it is in stock.



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Re: now in stock

Hi guys,


The iPhone 4S stock availability thread is updated three times a day - in fact I'll be updating that again shortly. This is the latest stock information we have available. 


As it's not real-time, the re can be periods when the website and the thread do not match exactly due to orders or deliveries, but by making these regular checks we look to keep these to a minimum.



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