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setup internet/mobile data on my iPhone 4

I recently got my husbands IP4 which is an unlocked handset, i would wish to set up my  internet  on my IP4, customer service sent me a message on how to hard reset my IP4 but after following all instructions i think my simcard is still not setup for internet. I need someone to tell me how to setup my phone and simcard so that i can use my internet. Thanks.

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Re: setup internet/mobile data on my iPhone 4

Ensure your phone has the settings it needs to be able to access the service;


Goto Settings,

General, Network,

Cellular data Network


and enter the below settings:


Cellular data

APN: internet

username: web

password: web




username: wap password:

wap MMSC:

MMS proxy:


Restart your phone and try accessing the web again, if it doesnt work call 191 and check the bars on the gprs services.

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