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BT Openzone

Can any of the people from Vodafone advise how you get the promised access to BT Openzone??????



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Re: BT Openzone

You need to use the My Vodafone app and enable WiFi to use Openzone - doesn't always work, though
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Re: BT Openzone



head over to and follow the instructions.


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Re: BT Openzone

i have a sign in for the bt open zone,
but im a little confused.
if i switch my wifi on and connect to openzone i have to log in on the web browser to make it fully connected, unless i do that its not actually logged in is it?, even thought my phone is displaying the wifi connected logo? so it wont actually let apps connect to wifi inless i sign in via the browser first right?

in the vodafone app, it has the wifi finder and in the settings it has an option of auto connect, does this log me in as well or just connect to the wifi without logging in?, because it it just connects it for me ita abit pointless, because without it logging in via the browser i'm technically not receiving a signal even though im connected right?
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Re: BT Openzone

Just use your My account username and password on the BT Openzone login page.

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Re: BT Openzone

yeah... i know how to log in lol,


I wasnt asking that, i was asking,


if i select auto connect in the vodafone app does it actually "log you in" automatically or just automatically connect to the wifi hotspot?.


Because if it just connects to the wifi without logging in then its pointless because i wont actually recieve any data signal even though im connected to the wifi and then my 3G will be overided by the wif connection and i wont recieve any notifications or be able to use internet requrired apps unless i manually log in via the browser.

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Re: BT Openzone

Hi there C_S_R,


Thanks for your post.


My understanding is that the auto-login feature automatically logs you in to the hotspot rather than just connecting Smiley Wink





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Re: BT Openzone



First time poster but I'm having the same experience as C_S_R.  The app does find and connect me to Openzone hotspots, but it does not log me in.  Any data processes I have will hang until I open a browser and go through the manual log-in process.  Is there any way to have the app automatically input my credentials and get me on the network?



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Re: BT Openzone

Hi wrh1972


When trying to connect to does the WiFi connection just show as BT Openzone or Auto-BTWiFi?


If you're connected via BT Openzone you will have manually login, if you're connected via Auto-BTWiFi you should be connected automatically each time a valid Bt Openzone hotspot is found.





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Re: BT Openzone

Hi Simon,


Thanks for the response.  I have been connected to BT Openzone...I likely linked to it manually at some point.  I've just delinked (i.e., forgotten) it.  Unfortunately there doesn't seem to be an Auto-BTWiFi network in sight of where I am right now so I can't test whether or not the application connects me automatically.  Do the Auto networks always exist alongside the regular Openzone ones?


I do have a BT Openzone network in sight but presumably I want to stay off that unless I want to manually key my credentials that right?





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Re: BT Openzone

Hi wrh1972


Thank you for your posts and the additional information.Smiley Happy


Have you performed any updates recently or downloaded any apps around the time this stopped worklng?


Unfortunately it does not appear to be a setting on your device or account which will be a quick fix, however we have seen this before, please can you ensure that the 'auto-login and 'auto-join' function of your device should be set to 'ON' for public Wi-Fi networks.


As long as the connection is a BT Openzone connection then this would allow the device to connect automatically.


Many Thanks



eForum Team



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Re: BT Openzone

Hi Dave, This is a brand new phone...I'm fact I'm new to Vodafone so this has never actually worked. I can't find the exact settings you refer to but in my Advanced wifi settings there is an Auto login option for WISPr settings. Is this the same thing? If I tick Auto login there is an option to manage WISPr accounts which is then looking for a SErvice Provider, Username and Password. Do I need to do anything with this? Thanks for your help, it's gratifying to see the forums reviewed by people that can actually help.
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Re: BT Openzone

Hi wrh1972,


WISPr is Wireless Internet Service Provider Protocol, which specifically handles the general switching between WiFi and mobile networks. As such, it's not something specific to the BT Openzone access.


Can you walk me through exactly where you're checking for the options for Auto-BTWiFi that Simon mentions and the "auto" functions DaveCD referred to? I don't have access to the handset over the weekend, but if you can give us this guide, we can follow this and see exactly where you might need to follow a different route.


Also, can I just ask if you've tried logging in at just one BT Openzone hotspot or multiple ones, and if you have any issues with any other Wi-Fi connections logging on automatically?




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Re: BT Openzone

Hi Dave, In my Settings Menu, there is a section for Wi-Fi. In that section are a number of access points that I have previously attached to (my home network, the BA Lounge at Heathrow, etc.). Auto-BTWiFi and BTOpenzone are both on the list now but neither are in range. In the top right corner is an ICS 3-dot menu which provides access to Advanced Options, one of which introduces WISPr settings. The WISPr setting for Auto Login is unchecked right now. Let me know if there is a way I can send you screen shots. The Vodafone app on my handset is set to Enable BTOpenzone and Auto Commect. WiFi generally works well for me. Occasionally in the morning I find that It has switched itself off overnight so I have to turn wifi back on when I get up. I'm pretty sure I have logged onto multiple OpenZone networks manually. Once I log onto one, as long as I keep the web page with my login open it will pretty much hand me off from hotspot to hotspot as I move around the City. Thanks!
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Re: BT Openzone

So this has gone quiet.  I will follow the advice of others and simply delete the Vodafone app until someone can explain how this shoud work and why it is not working on mine.


I'll keep an eye on here for any further updates...maybe it's just my phone where the auto-login isn't working.



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