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Can i use my microsim now?

I have just recieved my iphone 4s, having upgraded and keeping the same number i recieved a microsim. When i came to fill in the form on the vodafone website i was not able to fill in the initial form logging into my account, as i do not know my account number or pin which VF states are on your bills - yet my bills are sent via text so i have no access to these numbers. I tried customer services but with no joy. I then took the option to fill in the second form which is to be used if your not registered or cannot access 'my account'. i filled in the details inc the numbers on my new microsim and old sim, and recieved a message and email saying i will be contacted in 24 hours. Can i now insert my new microsim into the iphone or do i have to wait to be contacted? Thanks in advance x

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Re: Can i use my microsim now?

Hi charlotte576


Once you've requested a switch to a microSIM you'll know when to start using it, as the SIM card on your current phone will cease to work with your number and your phone will show no service. You then just need to reboot your iPhone 4S with your microSIM inserted and the number will be ready to use on your new phone.


For your future reference, if you ever need to find out your account number you can text free to 97886 the word ACCOUNT and you'll be sent a text with the details.


Is your new phone all up and running now?





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