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Content control has suddenly re-appeared

I have had my account for quite a while now, I have had my 16Gb iphone 4 since launch more or less and content control has not been a problem, so why then has it suddenly re-appeared today?


I have already removed this from both lines on my account, but to add insult to injury, I am now being told that for the first time I remove content control I will be asked to prove my age.  Not only this but I will be charged £1 for the privilege, albeit I will get £2.50 back into my VF account.


My question is why the hell should I given that I have already removed the.


I know you are going to tell me that you cannot discuss account specific issues on here but I am so frustrated right now and customers services is shut.  Can someone please have a look and get this sorted for me support?


iPhone 5
iPhone 5s tbc
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Re: Content control has suddenly re-appeared

I had the same issue. Just go in to a Vodafone Store and ask them to remove it, they did for me with no questions or fee.


191 aren't great for things like that

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