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Desktop Clock?

Hi guy,

           Just received my Galaxy S today, and i am sure when i got it there was some kind of desktop clock on it. When i pressed the clock app, i am sure it went in to landscape mode and displayed a digital clock. Now it seems to have gone. When i press the clock app, it opens up the alarm clock settings. Is there any way to get get the clock back. or am i doing it wrong? Thanks.

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Re: Desktop Clock?



Depending on the widget (in this case a clock) you can sometimes alter its appearance to a different look or style. If you want the default back then it's sometimes worth holding down on the clock and dragging it into the trash can. Once you've done this hold down onto the blank space that's on your screen until you get the option to 'add widget', then find 'clock' again from there. When you first select it sometimes you get the option to swipe left and right between different styles and versions.


Hopefully this'll help to restore the original for you.

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Re: Desktop Clock?

Thanks redpages. The one i was talking about was more of a "screen saver" type of thing, rather than a widget.
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Re: Desktop Clock?

There are apps that could help, there is one in particular called Kaloer Clock that might be what you want.  It's free too.

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Re: Desktop Clock?

Perhaps this is the one you mean?




Tap > Applications > Samsung Apps > Accuweather Clock


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Re: Desktop Clock?

I got an app from the market, called Desk Clock Plus, which give me access to the desk clock again. I am sure I used to be able to tap the normal clock app icon for this to appear and I know that was all i had to do on my HTC Magic to get to the desk clock.

I also tried an app by the same developer called Desk Clock, but when i tried that app, i got a message saying, "Unable to open desk clock".

Anyway, thanks for your help and ideas.
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