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Emergency calls only and no signal?

I have had my Nexus One for around 6 months now.

For last 5 days it has not let me make any phone calls, texts etc. and keeps coming up with 'emergency calls only'.

I have not been in any new areas so it cannot be no signal and I have tried taking my battery and sim out.


Now and then the Emergency calls message goes and the normal 'vodafone UK' comes up but as soon as I move my phone or press something on it I lose signal again.


Is it the network or my phone?

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Re: Emergency calls only and no signal?



Find a small bit of card and put this behind the SIM card to hold it in place.  some of the Voda SIM's are slightly thinner than the norm.


Best of luck



Rooting using the boot loader sounds fun

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Re: Emergency calls only and no signal?

I have the same trouble with the Nexus 1 - most of the time it is in Emergency Calls Only, I thought this was due to living in poor reception area, but I have this in the centre of Bristol, Bath, and London!  It has had a software update and been back to the manufacturer, but still has the some problems.  It comes to something when I actually miss my old Nokia "brick".  Vodafone keep telling me that they have no information about trouble with other Nexus phones, but I have to say I just don't believe them.  I basically pay all that money to have a phone that cannot receive or send calls or texts, let alone use the net!  As soon as I can I will shift mobile suppliers - NOT HAPPY!

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Re: Emergency calls only and no signal?

Hi Guys


I am sorry to see that you are getting emergency calls only.


There can be a number of things that can determine this, if you have a look at our Network Issues thread, this will help to determine what could be coursing this.




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Re: Emergency calls only and no signal?

I've had this quite a bit.... Got my first Nexus One last May and the problem started in September. I then got a replacement and it's started again. I've put the SIM card into other devices and had it work perfectly so it's not a netwok issue in my case. I'm now getting my third Nexus in 11 months. Really annoying.


One thing that sometimes helps is putting it into airplane mode and then taking it out.

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