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Freebees Rewards

Hi, I have been using vodafone from September 2012 and I have just activated my freebees rewards. I registered on your website and now I want to check how many points I ve got. But, first, for three day already whenever I login to check my points the website doesnt open the page when I try to log in. Second, I have been recieving freebees codes since I got my number so I would like to know if I have accumulated all the points when I was topping up? Please, give me advice how can I use all my codes and check points if the website never opens? Thanks

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Re: Freebees Rewards

Hi Kate1991,


You can grow your points without logging in by entering the codes here.


In regards to seeing how many points you have grown, can you confirm if you are able to log into the online account from here?



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Re: Freebees Rewards

Hi, the login link didnt open after I inserted my details and it showed an error page And the other link you gave to use the code for the freebee reward, when I entrered my number and the code it wrote: Sorry, there was an error when we tried to process this voucher.


I tried to use several codes becuz I have topped up my number many times but none of the codes work((( what should I do? Should I try it on other laptop or smth? Thanks for your help 

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Re: Freebees Rewards

Hi there kate1991,


Thanks for coming back to us.


We'll need to take a closer look at this.


Please click here to send us your details. We'll be in touch when we reach your email.





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Re: Freebees Rewards

I have the same problem but your link leads me to an 'Access denied' page.

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Re: Freebees Rewards

Are you able to log in to your My Vodafone account to check your balance etc? If so, what happens when you try to view the Rewardz section?

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