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HTC Legend - sms sending as mms

when forwarding sms messages that I receive to my contacts they are being sent as an mms message. Checked all the settings but cannot find anything to help. Any ideas?? Thanks :mellow:
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16: Advanced member Gold
how are you forwarding the SMS? and was the original message an MMS? just tried on mine to forward an sms and it worked fine

Here were my steps:

Went to the message
Tap and hold to get the menu
Tap forward
Type my contact in
Tap send

Went as an SMS and they received it

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Hi captain fear

Welcome to the eForum :).
I can see Jebelious has given you some help here (Thanks :)) Have you managed to try this yet?

eForum Team

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Hi guys,
Yes I tried sending as suggested but it dosen't happen all the time just every now and then. Original messages have been sms and I send them as sms but people receive them as mms so I get charged as mms!!!:mellow:
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16: Advanced member Gold
i have not sent that many messages from my legend or forwarded many on, i can not see anything in the options that may do this is very strange one indeed

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Moderator (Retired)
Hey Guys,

I must admit that this is strange however the only thing that I can thinkl of that is causing this is the actual character length of the message as if it is over 160 then it will go as an MMS.

When you forward the message does it say "message forwarded from...." if so try and delete this to reduce the size of the message.

Let me know how you get on.

eForum Team

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