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HTC desire stuck on white HTC screen

2: Seeker Bronze

I would really appreciate advice from anyone who has encountered the same problem.  If I turn on my desire the white HTC screen appears but the startup does not proceed beyond this point.  I have removed the battery multiple times, tried to fast boot and cleared the storage using the down volume key and the power button.  I have also removed the microSD card and the sim card in an effort to try to get the phone to start but this has not made a difference.


Does anyone have any suggestions before I take the phone into the vodafone store?

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Moderator (Retired)

Hi BigChill,


To be honest it does sound like a software issue with the initial boot up command.


The only other thing that we could suggest would be to send the phone away for a free of charge warranty repair where one of our engineers can take a look at this for you.



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2: Seeker Bronze

Thanks, James.


The phone was sent away and the software upgrade carried out.  Within 30 minutes of the phone returning the same problem occurred and the phone returned to the VF shop.


I wonder if you can provide me with an update for job number 6210364 as it is listed as "DESPATCHED FROM SERVICE CENTRE" yesterday and has the text "Resolution Code (click link for resolution code explanation)" bit no code is listed.  Is the phone going back tto the store and what is the resolution code? 

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Moderator (Retired) Lee
Moderator (Retired)

Hi BigChill,


I've answered another one of your threads earlier today. It's almost the same query too Smiley Happy


It's probably best that we keep your query to one thread from now on Smiley Wink


Repair Progress Resolution code is the other thread and I've now blocked new replies on that thread.


Thanks for the repair reference number. I'm not going to be able to find the code over the weekend as the team who I would normally contact are out of the office.


If you'd still like me to chase this up after the weekend then please let me know.





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2: Seeker Bronze

I now have a replacement phone and it is faulty so back to the store I go!!

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