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HTC sensation questions

2: Seeker Bronze

Oh hi. 


This is my first post, and i wanted to ask a few questions about my HTC sensation on pay monthly from vodafone.


1. I have noticed that the phone says vodafone when it boots up.

               - Does that mean there is custom firmware on there from vodafone?

               - If yes can i remove the firmware and place the original firmware from HTC? (Without voiding the warrenty)



2. I have noticed that some of my downloaded apps lose there pictures and turn into a generic green htc icon. Any ideas?



Thanks in advance for your help



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2: Seeker Bronze

In answer to your question, yes you do have Vodafone firmware on your phone. I don't no why the icons for the apps change but the

easiest way to change them back is change your scenes in your settings and then change it back to your original one. That should put them back to normal, it saves you having to remove them and put them back individually.

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6: Helper Bronze
Are the generic apps on the phone or sd card?
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2: Seeker Bronze

The apps are on the SD card, and can i have the normal firmware instead of vodafone firmware? without voiding warrenty? 

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16: Advanced member Gold
No you can't I'm afraid
HTC One X (S720e)
ROM: 3.14.401.31 (JRO03C)
HBOOT: 1.39.0000 | Recovery: Stock
Radio: 5.1204.162.29 | Kernel: Stock
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2: Seeker Bronze

Can anyone shed any light on why the sensation has a maximum picture sending size of 300k? Once my friends recieve my photos and open it on their phone its the size of a stamp which they can hardly make out plus when they zoom it its all distorted. What can i do to resolve this. I am really dissapointed with this phone, poor battery life, poor signal and to top it off the good pictures i take with my 8mp camera, well they are resized to a postaged stamp that when i send it no one can make out what the picure is. Please help.

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8: Helper Gold
Not sure what you're doing to make your images so small, but mine are around 3 Meg.
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2: Seeker Bronze

Hi, i am not doing anything i take the pic on the 8mp setting on the camera but when i send it as a message it resizes itself and the max setting for pic sending is 300k on the phone settings, so when my friends recieve them they are like a postage stamp and when they zoom in it gois all pixilated. Any ideas?

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8: Helper Gold
Having just investigated the image thing, the images are still the same resolution on mine, even if they are quite small (usually they are small because a lot of pixels are the same colour) file size wise.

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Moderator (Retired)

Hey Guys,


Due to the maximum file size set at 300K for a picture message the only other option that you would have would be to set up an email account on your phone and send the pictures via email rather than MMS.


The plus side of doing it this way is that if you have a data bundle it will come out of your allowance rather than charging you extra to send an MMS.



eForum Team


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