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K3805Z keep getting "RAS error code 668"

When I try to connect 3G mobile network, I always get this error and it make the connection failed...


Mobile connection not possible.

- Set your current mobile device as the default
  device in the 'Manage Devices' view
- Ensure that no other programs are using your
  mobile device and try again in a short while
- Delete the device in the 'Manage Devices' view,
  add it back again, and then try connecting.

If this error persists, please contact Support
at your mobile network operator.

Support information:
RAS error code 668



And I did as the suggestion given upper. it does not work at all. Any idea about that?

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Re: K3805Z keep getting "RAS error code 668"



You can try to check your account type on your vodafone software as the following steps:


- Vodafone Mobile Broadband software: Click on the advanced Tab => Click on the white antenna at the top left corner => go to options => account type => make sure it is matching your Plan.


- Vodafone Mobile Connect software: go to settings at the top => change account type ==> check that its matching the plan.



Hope this might help Smiley Happy



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Re: K3805Z keep getting "RAS error code 668"

Thanks for your answer. but it does not work..


Actually, I'm prepaid account. But I keep getting that error while trying to connect network. After I change account type to 'contract'. I can connect to the 3G network, but I could not get the ip address.... that's weird...

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Re: K3805Z keep getting "RAS error code 668"

Have you disabled the wifi and removed any ethernet or other broadband connection before trying to connect with 3G?.  Reboot after disabling.


Some VMCs will try to connect to "best connection" and if that's wifi the 3G will not connect.

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Re: K3805Z keep getting "RAS error code 668"

Smiley Wink Change account type makes it work.

Make sure to try to uninstall the Vodafone network adapter if still doesn't work.

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