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Mobile Broadband - RAS error code 720

When I try to connect with my mobile broadband I get a RAS error code 720. I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling the software but its still the same. Whats weird is, it works on my friends laptop but not on my own. It had always worked on mine but now im getting this error.
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Mobile Broadband - RAS error code 720

HI bops2402

Welcome to the Forum!! :)

Hmm a RAS error720 is usually an error when dialling out of the wrong port or device.

I suspect you might have multiple modems in phone and modem options that may be causing this on your PC.

To help further I've got some questions

  • What Operating system are you using? (Windows xp/vista/7)
  • When you dial using the DUN connection (control panel network connections/network sharing centre) does this give you the same error number?
  • In control panel if you select Phone and Modem options. Under the modems tab what modems have you got listed there.
  • What version of the Vodafone Mobile Connect software are you using?

If you could reply back and let me know.

All the best
eForum Team
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Mobile Broadband - RAS error code 720

I get this error when trying to connect through windows connection manager , the Samsung connection software works but the windows connection manager opens with nothing in the user name and password fields and gets stuck at registering your computer on the network ,I then get the 720 error telling that I might need to change some of my network settings but don't have a clue what to do next , please help !
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Mobile Broadband - RAS error code 720

Hi len112

Why don't you use Vodafone mobile connect? I've never heard of the windows connection manager, unless by this you mean windows dial up networking.

try these credentials.
username: web
password: web

eForum Team
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