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Mobile Broadband signal strength

Is there a facility anywhere to report poor signal strength when using mobile broadband. Recently I have used my Vodafone broadband dongle on the outskirts of Morton in Marsh and Woodstock and only been able to get GPRS. As both places are hardly small villages I was expecting a better signal. So I wondered if there is a recognised place to report such finding?



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Re: Mobile Broadband signal strength

Hello klyne,


There is a way. If you go to the coverage checker at:

Once you look up the location, you can leave feedback by clicking the speech bubble on the left side of the map.


Hope that helps.



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Re: Mobile Broadband signal strength

Thanks for the reply. I have had a look and one place is a complete black hole as far as mobile broadband is concerned and it won't allow comment. The other location suggests I was quite near to 3G but not near enough.



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