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Nexus One contstant crashing/rebooting.

2: Seeker Bronze

Since Android 2.3.4 was installed on my Nexus One, my phone keeps crashing and getting stuck in a boot up cycle pretty much whenever I try to do anything with it.  Now that my phone updated to 2.3.6 it seems to be worse.  Has anyone had this as well?  Because it's driving me crazy that I have to pray that it doesn't do it when sending a text or on a call.  I've tried to upgrade to a Galaxy Nexus (except the website won't let me even when I pick a valid contract/phone).  So I'm stuck with this thing that is being a pain in the aris.

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5: Helper

This happened to me when the Kies software updated my old Samsung Galaxy S not Gingerbread......I had nothing but rebboting problems and then the wifi & bluetooth pack up....I wiped it all clean and reinstalled the original software on which I download but by then the damage had been done......In the end they had to give me a new phone but of course if you are near the upgrade time that is not an option for you...


I suggest you go to the XDA forums and put a post on there, if any one can sort the problems out they can...


Kind Regards Lee


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17: Community Champion



Given you are experiencing issues with your current handset i'm sure an upgrade can be arranged.


Give the good guys over  on the @vodafoneukdeals twitter team a shout. They specialise in upgrades! For info on how to contact them head over here and follow the instructions. They are a small and very popular team so they may not reply straight away, stick around though as one of the team will get back to you as soon as they can.


One last thing to bear in mind stock it still limited on the Galaxy NExus so you might find yourselve with a short wait for the handset to be delivered.


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Moderator (Retired)

Hi Tatumsa, 


You've been given some fab advice here (cheers guys Smiley Happy), if you're looking to upgrade I can help you too!


I've sent an email to the address you joined the forum with, reply to it and we'll be in touch as soon as we can Smiley Wink



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2: Seeker Bronze

Hi Paul,


Apologies for not repling but I've been busy at work 'n stuff.   I have quite conveniently managed to get my phone wet and now it's just an ex-phone and pining for the fjords. 


Could you re-email please?  As this website now says I cannot upgrade until April?!

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Moderator (Retired) Kay
Moderator (Retired)

Hi Tatumsa, 


Please follow the instructions in the private message I've just sent and a member of the team will be in touch as soon as possible. 

You can find your PM inbox here.


Best Wishes, 



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2: Seeker Bronze

So I've managed to speak to someone who is stating that my upgrade date is the middle of May still.  What the hell happened to December 2011???  I'm about > < this close to switching providers as this is rediculous.

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Hi Tatumsa


Thanks for your post. If you follow the instructions on the Private Message that Kay sent you then we’ll be in touch to help. Smiley Happy





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