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No Data connection with Galaxy s2

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2: Seeker Bronze


I have just got my new SG S2 Smiley Happy Its Great and I've turned an avid iphone user to android already!


The only problem I'm having is I don't seem to have a Edge/3g data connection!  Nothing showing at the top?? I've been into wifi and network settings and switched on 'Data network' in Mobile networks but still nothing??  I have 500mb data with this contract but I  can't use it Smiley Sad


Any Help would be good!


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Accepted Solutions
17: Community Champion

Try downloading the settings from Samsung HERE

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17: Community Champion

Try downloading the settings from Samsung HERE

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16: Advanced member Gold

Check your wap settings to do this

press menu then settings >Wifi network>Mobile networks >Access Point Names make sure its green now click it and make sure all the settings are the same as Press Here yes it is the Galaxy S but there the same.

Now got back one page and pick Network operators let the phone do its thing until it finds Vodafone UK select that now that does a reconnect to Vodafones network.

Last thing Network mode switch to gsm then back again, Now if nothing happens after then you need to ring tecnical up and get them to turn it on and at the same time get them to turn MMS on as well


Oh Welcome to the Human side of mobile comunications you can do what you want when you want and apple can not stop you lol 

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