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No service???

1: Seeker

I have today received my 1st iPhone. I am not a technical whizzkid at all and therefore this seems to have me completely baffled.


I thought I had followed the instructions ok, but now the iPhone says no service? I am getting well stressed now and was hoping someobody may be able to shed some light as to what I may have done wrong.


I feel like packing it  back up and sending it back, lol!!!




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Moderator (Retired)

Hi Sharonkll,


Many thanks for your post here.


When it comes to the activation of the iPhone4 there are a couple of things that can be an issue.


Can you confirm if you have had your Micro SIM activated?

Have you connected the phone to iTunes and activated the phone?


Is the issue still happening?


If you can let us know we will be able to help you further.



eForum Team

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