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Overcharging for iPad 2 rolling contract?

2: Seeker Bronze
I purchased an iPad rolling contract Sim from the Vodafone website. Being as the majority of the stuff I dowill be on my own Wi-Fi, with Very minimal use outside, I chose the 250mb - £3.00 per month option.

Today I downloaded the "My Vodafone" app. It tells me that I have 220.84mb remaining, and that my current balance is £23.04!!!!

How the heck can this be? Someone please explain!
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Moderator (Retired)

Hi Christopherpm


Unfortunately this isn't something which we would be able to resolve over the eForum as we will need to take a look at your account.


So we can do this I have sent you a quick email, please reply with your details and I can then get one of our team to investigate this further for you.



eForum Team

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3: Seeker Silver

The My Vodafone app is not working properly, mine says that I owe £51.70 and my bill on the account is £49. 

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Moderator (Retired)

Hi Lostie,

Did you speak to Jenny on our twitter team about this? I remember her speaking to me about this and can remember this value being mentioned?

I've sent an email so we can help you further.


eForum Team 


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