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Please can you URGENTLY help! You sent me out a replacement handset today without a back cover!..

1: Seeker

Please can you URGENTLY help! You sent me out a replacement handset today without a back cover!..I called this morning and was never told to hang on to my existing back cover and now CANT USE MY MOBILE PHONE!! I spoke to a very rude offshore manager called 'Hagar' who said just buy one one a shop - shops do NOT SELL SAMSUNG back covers - of which Hagar pretty much called me a liar(please listen to the call!). And now I have been told to wait 48 hours for a call back?!?!?!? Please can somebody help ASAP as I need a phone!!?? My number is (mobile number removed for security)

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17: Community Champion
That sounds like an error and you certainly should have a cover and you should certainly not have been told to buy one (although that's probably the quickest option to get your phone back up and running) I wonder whether whether that's in fact what Hagar suggested?)

A mod will be along in due course and this can be sorted out.
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5: Helper

Pretty sure an e-forum team member will be along soon but in the mean time you can buy a flip cover from any mobile phone shop, they do them in really funky colours now as well, that replace the back cover and have a cover for the screen built in. Click this LINK it's to the carphone warehouse site and a white flip case.

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3: Seeker Silver
Or you can buy the battery cover you actually need for third of flip cover price. For phone protection I think the Otterbox Commuter Case is excellent:
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Hi MikeStanley,


Thanks for your post.


I’m sorry to see what’s happened here.


We sell the flip cases online but not the back covers I’m afraid.


So that we can get this sorted I’ve sent you a quick PM. Please follow the instructions on the PM and one of our team will be able to take a look at your issue in more detail.


You can find your PM inbox here.


Many thanks



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17: Community Champion

As far as I'm aware...


Any replacement device should be complete and with ALL accessories unless otherwise agreed by both parties!


To suggest a Customer has to buy part of a Phone to complete a replacement is disgusting...!


The Customer Services rep' should not be saying anything of the sort. I hope the Team sorts this out for you to your satisfaction.

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17: Community Champion
I just wonder whether the OP was specifically *told* to buy a cover or whether it was just suggested that, their being cheap, this would be the quickest solution?
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16: Advanced member Gold

Well the call was recorded and it will be on file 

any one at vodafone can check this out 

who is at fault here not the customer so why should the cistomer suffer 

Lets hope the eforum team can get to the bottom of this 

clearly the phone has not been check 

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