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Problem with the HTC Sensation XL

I'm having lots of strange problems with my HTC Sensation XL.


I'm getting really bad signal in areas where my previous HTC (Desire) had good signal.  I've had absolutely no signal on my phone for the past 3 days between the hours of 6am-10am. I've ensured the cover is clipped on properly and can receive wifi from the borders of my wifi range (but no phone signal).


My phone randomly goes black AND STAYS that way until a reboot (battery out battery in), usually after a call... No amount of pressing the unlock or attempts at a hard reset do anything, until I replace the battery.  The phone is still on, but there really is no response.  Plugging the phone into the mains causes the screen to display, almost like an unlock.


When plugged into charge, I can feel an electric current on the removable back casing when moving my fingers accross it. 


I can't use this as a phone and it's driving me nuts!


What can I do?  I've still got 12 months left on my contract!


Any help or suggestions???

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Re: Problem with the HTC Sensation XL

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Diana Lamb-millward can you sort out your net work my has been down 2 weeks now no singnal and limited it say and no one call call me it goes on to voice mail and if thay send a message i get it the next day or 5 hours later
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Re: Problem with the HTC Sensation XL

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ive got a samsung my number is (Removed for Security)

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Re: Problem with the HTC Sensation XL

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Hi momentai


Thanks for your post here. I’m sorry to hear about the trouble you are having with your phone. To be honest, it sounds like you have a faulty device there. I would suggest sending the phone away for a repair covered by the warranty.


To find out what you need to do in order to get this sorted take a look at our Vodafone Repairs Thread. This can be found here.





Hi DianaLambmillward


Please can you have a read over our Network Issues thread and post back with the details that it asks for? This can be found here.







If you have a spare minute could you please take the time to fill out a short feedback form about me?

You can do so here


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