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Proof of purchase

Hi, I upgraded to an iphone 4s  to receive on release day and now I have broke the screen and need to claim through my insurance however I can not find the proof of purchase that they require before fixing my phone, can anyone please arrange for a new copy to be sent to me ASAP or advise me as to how I can obtain the proof required, thank you in advance for any help received

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Re: Proof of purchase

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Hi n1ckD and welcome to the eForum


Thanks for your post here. I’ll send you a private message with information of how to get in touch with us so that we can sort this for you.






If you have a spare minute could you please take the time to fill out a short feedback form about me?

You can do so here


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Re: Proof of purchase

Hi can someone please contact me PM in regard to proof of purchase and proof of blacklisting as i need both in order to commence with my lost phone insurance claim please.  Thanks in advance.



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Re: Proof of purchase

Hi frankieb1985,




I've sent you a PM which can be accessed here. If you could follow the instructions in the PM and send us your details one of the team will be with you as soon as they can.



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Re: Proof of purchase

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Hi, can anyone help me to obtain the proof of purchase of my lost iphone 4s?




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Re: Proof of purchase

Hi Richols,


Certainly! Just follow the steps in the PM I've sent to get in touch. Click here to access your private message inbox.





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Re: Proof of purchase

Hi there, Can you provide me a proof of usage for my iphone5 please? I have contacted Vodafone customer service many times by email, call but have not recieved a suppport from them. I am PAYS customer and I just need a letter to sate my phone number and imei number of my phone. Many thanks!

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Re: Proof of purchase


You have already posted around this and it can be found here

Please do not post this multiple times across multiple threads as this is against the eForum Terms and Conditions, something you agreed upon when joining.


As soon as an advisor is available they will be along to help Smiley Happy


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