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SIM swap

Hi easy one for you i guess, where do i go on-line to swap my old pay-as-you-go sim for a new pay-as-you-go sim and keep the some (old) number?



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Re: SIM swap

Hi there.


I would say go here to order yourself a new sim


and then here to transfer your service to it.


Unless anyone has an easier way online.


The quickest solution is if you have a vodafone shop near by, they will be able to do it there and then for you.

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Re: SIM swap

[ Edited ]

Hi thank you but there no option for 'pay as you go' ?

Guess its a shop.


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Re: SIM swap

I did enquire about this recently, and the online SIM SWAP form definitely doesn't work for PAYG. See for details and alternatives - the 4th post in the thread.



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Re: SIM swap

Thank you.

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