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Samsung Galaxy S2 network lock proble

2: Seeker

have a Samsung Galaxy S2 on Vodaphone pay monthly contract.

This morning when I pick up my phone I discover it is on 'Emergency Calls only'. Turning off and on, I get asked for 'Enter Network Lock Control Key' but I don't know what this is.

Phoned Vodaphone and they got me to put the sim in another phone (an old Nokia 6300 non-smartphone) and it is working fine.

I put an old working PAYG sim into the SGS2 and it also is working but if I put the original Vodaphone sim into the SGS2 I still get 'Enter Network Lock Control Key'

I can't figure out what the problem is? Is it the phone or the sim?

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17: Community Champion

If another SIM works in your SGS 2, then I would say the original SIM is faulty.


You can get a free replacement by visiting your local Vodafone Store. They will also provision the Card for you.


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2: Seeker

Since I posted earlier, I have tracked down a Vodaphone PAYG that I was going to use last year but didn't, I put it in and am again being asked to 'Enter Network Lock Control Key'


The phone does 'appear' to be locked to someone other than Vodaphone but it isn't

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17: Community Champion

Not sure if this will work, but worth a try!


Put your non working SIM into a different Phone (Not the S2) and scan for Networks. Choose a Non Vodafone Network such as 02 or T-Mobile etc.

Then Scan for Networks again and then choose Vodafone.

Now put the SIM into your SGS2.

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2: Seeker

Good idea, unfortunately no change

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Hi macowens


Can you confirm if the old working PAYG SIM was on Vodafone or a different network?


I'd recommend getting a replacement SIM card for your contract, the quickest way would be from your local Vodafone Store or you can call 191 and we'll send one out in the post to you Smiley Happy





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2: Seeker

Thanks for that


I took the phone to a Vodaphone shop at lunchtime and as it is under warranty they have sent it away for repair. Vodaphone simms don't work in it, they require an unlock key but unlock keys don't work. Other sims (O2) do work. There does indeed appear to be a fault with the phone

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