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Server response error.... Rg12

Unable to send an MMS message, normal internet working ok. Full H+ signal, settings haven't been changed. Have taken battery out logged onto another network then re select vodafone blah blah blah..... Been with vodafone since March following 7 hassle free years on o2...

191 tell me to try my sim in another phone I said ok send me a back up phone then. Jokers!
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Re: Server response error.... Rg12

Update.... It seems that I can send MMS messages to other numbers but not this one!! The other person is also on vodafone.
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Re: Server response error.... Rg12

The other person needs to be on 3g and not using wifi to recieve the MMS. (MMS only works on 3g)


Perhaps the other person has recently upgraded their phone? Sometimes MMS can become disabled after an upgrade as MMS is not turned on by default. It should stay enabled but sometimes that accidentally gets dissabled.



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Re: Server response error.... Rg12

One other point is if there on Pay as you go 

and were they using a Apple and not set up I messanger 

Just a thought 

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