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Sony 2011 range ICS update



I was wondering if you guys at Vodafone have any idea as to when the ICS (android 4.0.3) update will be released to owners of the 2011 line of handsets. I have an Xperia Ray and understand from previous Sony Mobile blogs that my particular handset will be among the first to be released, but as i'm unsure if the phone you sent me is branded or unbranded (it has a few VF apps on there but no physical branding like my old BB Storm) i was wondering if you know if i should just keep an eye on the Sony blog or if the update has to be approved by your testing department?


Any info will be greatfully appreciated, esp as sony seem to be doing nothing but plugging their new handsets and have seemingly forgotten all about the 2011 range at present.





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Re: Sony 2011 range ICS update

Hello snarrf,


Many thanks for your post about getting ICS on your device.


I'm afraid we don't have any information regarding when the devices will be updated. I'm also unable to confirm if the devices will be updated.


You can read more about firmware at the below link:


Firmware explained.





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Re: Sony 2011 range ICS update

As I understand it, the rollout is going to be the newer handsets first in April, and then the older ones starting in May. These are for the unbranded ones.


I think that if your phone came with VF apps on it, its essentially a branded handset - I have no physical branding, but with the apps on, its teh official VF build - when the last updates rolled out, there wasn't anything available until the VF official started rolling.

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Re: Sony 2011 range ICS update

hey guys, 


thanks for both replies.


Cheers MTL, that's what i was thinking but though i'd ask all the same


Lee, do i gather with your vague comment at vodafone updating the handset, along with the apparent dropping of the entire Sony / Sony Ericsson line me that vodafone are gonna be abandoning updating all handsets any further? that seems pretty poor show to me and leaves me a lot less than happy. my opinion of voda over the years has been gradually waning but to abandon a handset that isn't 12 months old isn't helping me stay loyal. maybe i should request you guys pony up the price of rooting apps as that seems to be the only way i'm likely to get the ICS update i deserve!


roll on july 2013!

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Re: Sony 2011 range ICS update

Hi snarrf,


Unfortunately I can’t give a definitive answer on this one for you however I can confirm that no matter what happens with specific handset ranges, we will never stop supporting phones that our customers have.


I would expect that the update is going to be released for all compatible phones however we will simply have to wait and see as the rollout will be a staggered rollout across all of the phones that are due the update.


Due to this we don’t know when or if it will be available on your particular device.



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Re: Sony 2011 range ICS update

cheers for the extra info james, i have one further question if i may and i'll leave you in peace.


If vodafone decide it's not in their interest to test and implement the ICS update, will it be a case of just waving through the developers update or will I only be able to obtain it from root? I'm just a little confused over the operator locking side of things. As far as i'm aware, as my phone appears to be tied to the operator (a sprinkling of voda apps like shop and music) rather than unlocked, it means if you guys don't go ahead with the update, i'll be unable to receive the update OTA from the developer. Can you confirm if that's the case or not please... promise i'll leave you in peace. Just don't want to invalidate my warranty if i'll receive the update regardless of vodafone's participation.





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Re: Sony 2011 range ICS update

[ Edited ]

Hi snarrf


Thank you for your post.


As James mentions we will never stop supporting devices that our customers have regardless of whether we still stock these currently on our site or not.


We have very little information about firmware which is why we have a link that has been provided by Lee above.


As soon as we have any further updates you will be able to update your software, unfortunately we do not have any further information at this time.


Many Thanks



eForum Team



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Re: Sony 2011 range ICS update

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Re: Sony 2011 range ICS update

Hey Batedimo,


due to some of the issues arising from this update (video camera slowdown and the odd wifi issue for some), I didn't think vodafone would bother with it so i went and followed the flashing guide elsewhere in that forum. It's official Sony Nordic software so won't (as far as i know) invalidate your warranty but there is a risk that you may damage your phone following the instructions so it's done at your own risk. It doesn't require an unlocked bootloader or root.


I updated my Vodafone Xperia Ray this way without problems. Overall, i'm happy with the update. The launcher hasn't changed and for some can be quite sluggish, so when i'd had a play i went and installed Nova Launcher free ( which gives the appearance of stock ics and runs very smoothly.


failing that, keep an eye on that thread. You never know, Vodafone might prove us wrong and your SI number moght be included in the list soon.



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Re: Sony 2011 range ICS update

Hi batedimo


As much as I would love to provide an update on this for you we still don't have any information the availability of ICS for Sony Android devices.


If you have any other questions please let us know.





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Re: Sony 2011 range ICS update

Hi, snarrf

Thanks for the information

I just checked the list with released SI numbers and my one is there from today.

I'll give it a try monday or tuesday


        fingers crossed

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Re: Sony 2011 range ICS update

[ Edited ]

Hi, Simon

I just checked the list with released SI numbers and my one is there from today.
"If you find your SI in the released software table the software for your device is released and available in PC Companion and Bridge for Mac where you can update your Xperia™ Smartphone"
It is for ARC s, RAY and Neo V.
I'll give it a try monday or tuesday

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Re: Sony 2011 range ICS update

Hi everyone

I updated to ICS on my ARC S two days ago and I have to say I am very happy with iit.

No issues till now .

I like it

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Re: Sony 2011 range ICS update

I have an Xperia Ray with SI 1252-3268 bought from Vodafone UK  in Marc h 2012.


I am still on Android 2.3.4.


Does anyone know when or if this handset will be upgraded to ICS?


This SI number is not showing on the SonyMobile site, thread last updated 30th October.





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Re: Sony 2011 range ICS update

Hi Alan,


I’m afraid we don’t have any news on this.


Take a look here for more information on our firmware statement





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Re: Sony 2011 range ICS update

Thanks for the continuing responses, even if they are almost uselss by now.


I for one ONLY got my Xperia Mini from vodafone because the guy in the shop assured me that it was going to get the update to ICS. And then to learn that the rollout started in April and it's now November, 6 months later, and there's still no news, is a little frustrating.


I can't tell if Vodafone really doesn't give a flying *%^£ about it's customers sometimes (same as Sony, by the way, who I KNOW don't give a damn about their customers, but are giving exactly the same response as vodafone.


SO my question is:


If Vodafone don't know and Sony don't know, can you at least find someone who might have some kind of vague idea about something?!



Frustrated of Exeter.

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Re: Sony 2011 range ICS update

Hi CasualReader,


As mentioned in the link Jenny posted to you above, due to the process undertaken for any firmware update, it's simply not possible for anyone to give you a timescale as to when to expect the updates for these phones.  I can understand that you are eager for more information on this however I'm afraid we don't have this to give to you. 



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Re: Sony 2011 range ICS update

Hi All


It's been a while since I posted on this part of the site, but glad to see that some things don't change.  The only reason I'm doing this is because we now have another SE handset in our household (Xperia Mini Pro SK17 model) and as it is a 2011 handset, I too am eagerly awaiting the day when the SI number appears on........oh, hang on, wait a minute though, oh yes, that's right, all the links to the lists are now deleted so no-one can say whether they were or weren't on the list unless they took copies or managed to successfully update already.


Seriously, the standard VF response about updating firmware is very polite, but clearly doesn'y provide any information to the user and customers.  I accept that all providers (this is a very broad and sweeping generalisation that I know to be untrue to be fair, but I'll continue) offer up a version of this, but if any of them would care to step back for a moment, look up from their script, and consider what is being asked.  No doubt the manufacturers don't want to say what handsets will be updated in case they find out there is a problem and they can't do what they say.  BUT, they all seem to think that total silence is a much more preferred situation for their customers rather than saying something like, "as far as we know, xxxxxx will receive the update but it wont be before xxxxx" or something like that.  The truth is that mostly, the customers would like to be treated like just that, not some ignored irritant.  Sure, they'll not please everyone all of the time, and they'll still get the haters who ###### them off whenever they get the chance whether right or wrong, but it seems to me that the few who make a it their life mission to go on about this stuff constantly are in the minority, and the majority just want to be treated like they deserve to be.


Anyway, does anyone have anything useful to advise on the update?   

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