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Teathering (Personal Hotspot) Charges ??



Just looking for some confirmation that the below is correct as i have searched most of the forum ??


I have a plan which starts Y3 24IP which with my research appears that i should pay a £5/month teathering charge, it looks like Y4 plans do not ??


If this is correct, my huge gripe with Vodafone is that my previous contract (Prior to Iphone upgrade May 2011) allowed me to teather my HTC phone with my netbook / ipad and use my phone contracts data allowance at no extra cost.


I believe this is the case as it is possible to seperate the usage on an iphone, but not on any other phones ?


I have only just discovered this as i now require to use my iphone as a personal hotspot again, but do not see why i should have to pay an extra £5 / month just because i have an iphone now rather than an HTC phone for exactly the same use !!


I guess it also annoys me as this was never pointed out when i upgraded to the Iphone.


Any comments from Vodafone would be welcome on the subject.





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Re: Teathering (Personal Hotspot) Charges ??

It is annoying that there are restrictions on what can and cant be used for data sharing especially if you have a large amount of data on your plan and you could easily still fall within your data plan even using hotspot to tether your devices.


Apple devices use a seperate APN called access.internet which I believe is chargeable for all UK operators, this can be incorporated in some price plans, but you just end up paying for it is a round about way.


Other devices like Android use a standard WAP APN for all data, this is why you can use your standard data in your price plan for tethering.


This is just Apples way of getting more money from you for doing the same thing others do for free im afraid, not down to Vodafone.


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Re: Teathering (Personal Hotspot) Charges ??

Hi there davidctr,


Many thanks for your post about the price plan not including tethering for iPhone.


We can have a look at changing plans if you so wish. This would then enable tethering at no extra cost.


In terms of us not making you aware of the charge when you changed last time; as much as we didn't inform you, did you think to ask about this?


If you'd like to discuss a new plan, please follow the instructions in my PM Smiley Wink


Your PM inbox is here.





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Re: Teathering (Personal Hotspot) Charges ??

Hi LeeH,


Thanks for the reply and hopefully I have followed your instructions Smiley Indifferent


I guess I did not think about asking as I have never paid for teathering before with any of my previous phones with Vodafone, so didn't even think I would have to just for the privilege of having an iPhone Smiley Sad


Thanks again for your help



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Re: Teathering (Personal Hotspot) Charges ??

Hi LeeH,


Just to let you know that I did get an email response, see below :


Thanks for contacting the Vodafone eForum and Web Relations Team.


This is an auto-response to let you know we’ve received your email and will be contacting you within 48 hours.


The email was received 03rd October @ 7:40pm, it is now 08th October @ 12:30pm and I am still yet to receive any contact ?


Just thought I would let you know.






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Re: Teathering (Personal Hotspot) Charges ??



Received a call back from Jenny today, hopefully all teathering / personal hotspot issues have been resolved satisfactorily Smiley Happy


Very helpful and confirmed everything by email.


Many thanks again



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