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Re: The new Sony Xperia S

Yeh ive been with vodafone for 10 years now and have always been happy with my service and the signal with vodafone is the best and am really upset they dont seem to be getting the sony xperia s, I dont want an i-phone cause they are made of glass and break too easily, and the other ohones are just ugly and I have always had sony erricsons and they have always been brill, the xperia s looks really smart and I want to stick with them, so why is every other company getting them on the 14th March and vodafone has decided not too??? it doesnt make sence, Think vodafone is going to loose a lot of loyal customers if they dont get them...and not 6 months after everyone else pls


Very miffed indeed my contract can be upgraded in March and really want it so please get your act together as I dont want to leave vodafone



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Re: The new Sony Xperia S

am in the same position so wandered over to carphone ware house where you can get the phone (from tuesday and keep your number and network and draw up a contract to suit you or just extend your current one.

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Re: The new Sony Xperia S

***What a shame after 12 years with Vodafone.***

I have to change service provider which means to keep the calls costs down my Mum, Brother, Partner and best mate along with his wife and Mum will have to think about changing too! O dear! I guess if Vodafone are unwilling to make Sony's flag ship mobile handset available there customer service ratings will go up as call waiting times go down? After all thousands of customers will leaving!

I have always recommended Vodafone - Never again, very disappointed Vodafone. Shame on you!

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Re: The new Sony Xperia S

hi there, i too want the Sony Xperia S but i dont want to leave the network as it has and does serve me well. yes im as dissapointed as everyone else that i cant get one from my local Vodafone store but to have a rant and say your leaving is a bit extreme, im sure at some point Vodafone will range Sony devices as the new range is amazing with the Xperia P and Xperia U coming out in the summer also.

Do you not know you can still get the Xperia S from carphone or p4u and still stay with the network that has the fastest and most reliable data network in the uk currently. thats what im doing........................simples

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Re: The new Sony Xperia S

[ Edited ]

I've kept quiet on this thread for a while as I've been trying to resolve some issues with my VF contracts and have just about got there now, despite the changes to upgrade dates and all the messing about this caused.


I have to say that the treatment I received from the Tech Team direct (as opposed to calling in to a store or ringing 191) was so much better - a million miles away frot he other, and was as a result of a post made on this site.


HOWEVER - despite the great service I wasn't able to get the Sony Xperia S as my handset because I was told that VF would NOT be stocking it, or any of the other new Sony range due to the bad rep that other SE phones had got over the last year or so, mainly to do with build quality and general operational issues.  I was surprised at this, but was told that the plan is that VF will monitor reviews to see whether these issues have been resolved with the new models, and will then decide whether to start to stock them directly.


This is not what I expected from VF, and agree with other comments on here that this action limits the choices available to VF customers.  The chap I was dealing with did say that he was going to get this message (or something like it) posted on the site to stop these sorts of queries from being raised, but so far I can't see it anywhere.  It might be that they've changed their minds but who knows?!


I ended up going for an iphone in the end, due to some issues with Android and my Active Sync email address on the server at work storing up loads of data on our network - not sure what all that really means.  I should also say that I did get a good deal, and the messing about I had in order to get a handset that actually worked wasn't a problem with the iphone, just VF.  Dunno if this is a good or bad thing, as I've only had the iphone for about a week and still getting used to it, but this'll probably be my last post on this section of the site for a while (unless someone offers me a swap!!!) 

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Re: The new Sony Xperia S

Maybe if VF stopped fiddling with the firmware on these handsets they would work correctly and actually be launched when the handsets come out.

Stick to selling phones and contracts VF and leave the software on the phones to the experts......


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Re: The new Sony Xperia S

Well Voda will be losing 2 more customers. The phone choice is now shocking and very limited.

As for "poor quality" Ive had Sony's for at least 5 years and so had my partner and Ive only sent one back for repair once!

Every brand has its good a bad phones and I dont think this is a valid reason for not supplying, especially as Sony is a popular brand!

I agree with comments above, if Voda stopped fiddling with the firmware these phones would be much better, and lets face it who actually uses the Voda store now that there are proper App stores!

I am disappointed. Top quality network but poor range of phones!
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The Xperia S clearly isn't finished.

If my Xperia S is anything to go by, Vodafone is doing the right thing by holding back. I bought one last week via the cheap O2 deals that have been running recently and using my Voda SIM in it until my contract expires. I'm on my second handset already, with a third due on Friday. . . 


Battery lasts less than a day (8 hours or so at work) with only 2G radio running and NOTHING else (consistant with both handsets nad a widely reported problem across the web). Phone regularly crashes whilst in gallery (both). Screen dims, then never brightens again (second one). Camera can't focus on anything apart from shots in bright sunlight (first one). Image is regulary corrupted when waking the phone from idle (both). I could go on. . .


I get the feeling they rushed this out as they knew what was coming later in the year from the rest of the big players. Shame, as it really does feel like a very nice phone in the hand.

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Re: The Xperia S clearly isn't finished.

Ohh! Just had a play with one in Phones4U. So responsive! So fast! So clear! So free from VF Bloatware!


I really wish I'd taken advantage last week of on offer on topcashback of an 02 £130 cashback, plus they were offering the S on their £21 tarrif for free. Today it's £60. (and the cashback is only £60).


A muppet in the Carphone whorehouse, when I asked him about the phone, said it doesn't crash like Other Andriod phones. Told him my Sony X10 never crashed and he then mumbled something about HTC. Obviously an Apple Geek Store Reject.


Phones4u also offered to pay out the last 2 months of my VF contract.  Bye Bye Vodafone after 11 years!

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Re: The Xperia S clearly isn't finished.

Hi fly4fun,


Many thanks for your post.


We don’t stock the Sony Xperia S, but we do have some great phones available on some value for money plans.


I’ve sent you a private message with details of how to contact us if you do want to look at the options for you.


You can find your PM Inbox here. If you can't access this link, please ensure that the box next to "Turn on private messages" is ticked on this page, and let us know if you need any further assistance.


Let me take this opportunity to show you how Vodafone like to say thank you; take a look at VIP.





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Re: The Xperia S clearly isn't finished.

I'll also be going to o2 when next month to get the xperia s.

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Re: The Xperia S clearly isn't finished.

Thanks Ian_c,


But I'm sorry, the Sony S is absoloutely effing brilliant so unless you are going to give me a smartphone free and reduce my contract to £5 a month, there isn't much to discuss.

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Re: The Xperia S clearly isn't finished.

My Xperia S arrived today. Wow! Simply Wow!


The screen is so much better then the rotten Apples offering.


Everything is so responsive. The camera flash is terrific, the sound is fantastic. Having an FM radio is something I've missed for a long time.


I only got this phone on a 7 day trial, but I'm pretty sure I'll be saying bye bye to VF next week.

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Re: The Xperia S clearly is the best

Well, I've had a rude awakening.


Tesco and O2's support is truly shocking. Emails that make no sense. Websites that don't work properly. Numbers that go round in circles, people unable to help. While I love the phone, I'm tempted to send it back and go with someone else... or wait in case VF decide to wake up and stock it. 



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