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Unable to connect to android market

My phone is an xperia 10 mini pro. I an surf the web with default browser, download email, but I cannot connect to Market. I keep ghetting a message unab le to connect to servers, or you do not have a network connection. Even  when connected to wifi, nothing goes through. My phone is effectivelu useless as a smartphone, since i cannot install or upgrade any apps.


Anyone who has had the same problem and found a solution?

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Re: Unable to connect to android market

Hi there.  Not sure if this will work, but a similar problem came up ages ago for the X10, and the fix was to uninstall the last update to the market in Manage Applications from the settings menu.


I'd have thought this problem would have been sorted out by now, but you never know - if it's not working then there's probably nothing to lose in trying it.  Failing that you might want to back up everything and do a complete reset via the phone itself or using SEUS, and see if that works.

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Re: Unable to connect to android market

Fnally managed to fix the problem. Had to apply a factory reset. Lost all my information. Thanks for nothing ericsson. I'll use this phone with anger!

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Re: Unable to connect to android market

you have to activate 3G and WWW on your vodafone


even if you have purchased internet plan vodafone will never acivate this service and you will loose your days

so contact call center and ask on what number to send the sms


do not waste time by updrading firmware , factory reset or other tricks on mobile


call vodafone and get these codes i lost one week finally they told me to type


ACT WWW and send it to 144

ACT 3G and send it to 144

ACT VL and send it to 144


phone restart is required and you can connect

for your region codes will be diffrent


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