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Vodafone Pay as you talk sim with Vodafone dongle?


Please can you advise if it possible to use a pay as you talk sim card with a vodafone dongle to connect to the web on a PC?

I have tried plugging in a newly registered payt sim to the dongle , and mobile connect program on the PC will not connect "RAS code 619" .

There is credit on the sim .

However if I use a pay monthly vodafone sim with the same dongle, i'm able to connect to the web on the PC?

Is there something I need to activiate on the SIM to get this to work?

Please help
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Vodafone Pay as you talk sim with Vodafone dongle?

Hello Unslog and thanks for posting

A warm welcome to the eForum. As the dongle works with a contract sim it is possible your settings are set to contract, you will need to check on your manage devices tab to make sure the settings are set for Pay As You Go.

Additionally you would need to change these settings every time you swap sims the settings will have to be changed.

Depending on how much you intend to use the device you may also be better off with a USB dongle tailored sim, however, the settings for your PAYG sim card should be as follows: (APN)
wap (username)
wap (password)

Please let us know how you get on with this.


Reidar :ph34r:

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