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download speeds

i only started using the dongle today but no matter what connection i get the download speed seems to be rubbish. i checked the network coverage and it says i am supposed to get excellent coverage in my area, but for some reason the download speed always seems to be low or doesnt work at all. My postcode is SL2 5AH, any help you can give me?

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Re: download speeds

what colour is the LED on the dongle?

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Re: download speeds

Hi kalim


Welcome to the eForum Smiley Very Happy it is always good to see new faces on here.


I have just checked your area and can see that you are in a good area.


jarviser is asking a good question, what colour like do you have on the dongle, and what make is it?


If you can get back to us with the above information as that will help Smiley Very Happy





eForum Team

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Re: download speeds

its light blue

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Re: download speeds

Hi Kalim,


Apologies, as Martin said we need the model of the dongle as well to look into this.


We also need to check a few things with you.


Firstly, when you open the toolkit, what connections does it say are available? If it refers to Vodafione 2G, for example, then that will explain the slowness.


Secondly, is this account a pay monthly or pay as you go account This will help gusto identify what may be slowing you down.


What type of computer are you using the dongle with - is it a PC, a laptop, a Mac?


Do you have an issue connecting whether you're in this location or others? Does the low speed  come and go at all?


Finally for now, do you get any sort of error message displayed at any point, or does anything unusual happen whilst you are connected?


More information always equals easy to resolve, so don't be afraid to let us know anything you think may be useful.




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Re: download speeds


kalim wrote:

its light blue


Well you have the full HSDPA (3G+) so you should get a decent download of between 0.5 and 2 meg typically from a strong streaming server, not obviously from some minor file store across the ocean.  e.g. Kaspersky labs updates are painfully slow.


Can you give us the result of a test? It depends on what you class as "rubbish" and where you are downloading from.


You can improve general performance by changing DNS servers but that will not affect file download speed. 

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Re: download speeds

We have over 6 Mobile Broadband accounts with Vodafone and have seen the speeds nose dive.

We mainly use this for FTP and in doing some research other network providers are restricting usage like You Tube, Downloads and FTP data sending to free up the network badwidth as they are vastly over subscribed.

I wonder if Vodafone are doing the same?

We can have a full 3G signal like this morning and FTP sending is down to 2.6kb!
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Re: download speeds

[ Edited ]

I just FTP'd a 2MB file in about 30 seconds (average 380kbps which is the maximum UPload speed expected on a 3.6mbps service) and it's peak time. Maybe your mast connection has a problem or you are too far away, or the FTP site is slow?

So it's not throttling by Vodafone unless I am exempt from it, which I doubt as I'm just a PAYG prole .  

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