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iPhone 4s Deleviry

I per ordered my iPhone 4s on Friday midday still haven't received my email about delivery tomorrow ? Does anybody know anything
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Re: iPhone 4s Deleviry

I preordered mine on friday 07/10 received an email to confirm the upgrade but received nothing else. I've emailed a couple of times for a response to confirm delivery but i'm yet to hear anything.

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Re: iPhone 4s Deleviry

Yeah pre order mine last week.  Spoke to someone the other day to find out if I should change my delivery location from work to shop as i'll be in work if they deliver tomorrow but not saturday. I was told I'll get a text confirming dispatch and expected delivery and if when advised I need to change then I'll have the details to contact DPD (the delivery company) abount changeing delivery location.


As I have nothing today it better come to work tomorrow!

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Re: iPhone 4s Deleviry

No money has left my account yet! ( the price for the handset)
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Re: iPhone 4s Deleviry

Hi Boldy20


You can find more information on iPhone deliveries here.


Has yours been received?





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Re: iPhone 4s Deleviry

This is terrible now told i would get it on friday, then saturday and now monday. Why make a promise of a date and then go back on it. It would have been better if i was told from the start that it would be monday. Saves messing around and terrible customer service. Makes a joke of the whole pre-order process.

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Re: iPhone 4s Deleviry

I ordered 2 on Wednesday 12th for Mrs and myself - 1st told delivery was guaranteed for Friday 14th then at end of order i was told it would be Monday.  Asked for it to a local store near to where I was working that day - NO JOY

I rang this morning and was told the white 16GB was on back order but that my 32GB had been delivered tot he shop I requested and had been signed for.  It was a 70 mile round trip and when I got to the store they told me it hadnt been delivered.  Offered me a poxy £10 credit to my account for the trouble - thag hardly covers the fuel let alone lost time from business.


Wish I had walked away from Vodafone this time - I should have after the problems I have had in the past - going to be in the apple shop tomorrow for a new ipad2 and if I had known that I would still be waiting I would have just got the iphones there too.


Vodafone customer service - saying you are rubbish is giving you a complement!  

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