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ipad 2 for Existing Customers



There was a deal for existing customers where they could get an ipad2 no fee but an addtional charge on top of their contract....i have two iphopnes at the mo and one is coming up to its annual renewel ..i was told by Vodafone CS i can not upgrade from the phone to the ipad2 (fair enough i suppose) but also no deal for being a loyal customer for years....shame really but looking elsewhere now...looks like it all new business and not enough customer retention from Vodafone.........if a MOD can let me know the ins and outs of Vodafones decision making system as currently it makes no sense to me...






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Re: ipad 2 for Existing Customers

Hi ibbonis,


I've replied to you here.





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Re: ipad 2 for Existing Customers

Hi I have waited for someone to get back to me about ipad 2 but as there is an influx of sales of iphone 4s no one was able to so called sales direct and yes they will offer an ipad 2 16gb wifi 3g for no upfront payment for customers with 3 or more handsets and for the 32gb wifi 3g its extra 50 and for 64gb wifi 3g its 100, so best idea is to call sales as I know all avanues are busy, My ipad 2 32gb wifi 3g was ordered and 50 on my next bill and will be here tommoz yipppppeeee.Smiley Very Happy

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Re: ipad 2 for Existing Customers

Hi Ian,

I have 2 VF contracts and was offered an Ipad deal when I took out my second contract, this was for just the original ipad. At the time I wasn't interested Are there any offers still available. I'm not necessarily looking at the ipad 2, IM not bothered about the latest models, 


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Re: ipad 2 for Existing Customers

hi there 

I am in the same situation , due for an upgrade and currentley got the iphone 3gs , not much on offer to current customer at all .

I am intrested in either the samsung galaxy 10.1 tab or ipad 2 both of which i was told are not in any upgrade offer .

Vodafone should pay some attention to existing loyal customers as there are many good offers around



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Re: ipad 2 for Existing Customers

Hi folks,


If anybody else wishes to discuss iPad2 offers with my team, the best thing to do is to use our Contact Us form. Remember to include a link to this thread so we know what you're looking for and do bear in mind it's taking close to a week for us to respond to new enquiries. 

If you've already emailed I must stress that sending duplicates will only delay my team further, so we would ask that you refrain from asking for an update if you've already received our confirmation auto-response. Smiley Wink


Cheers, Ben 

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