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when are we likely to get the updated os 7.1 software ?

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Re: 7.1

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Hi craigmh65


Thank you for your post and a very warm welcome to the eForum.:smileyhappy:


I understand that a new software can be exciting as it can help make your device feel brand new, however we keep our cards close to our chest when it comes to software updates and this is to ensure we get it right first time.


Please take a look at our Frequently Asked Questions when it comes to firmware.


Many Thanks



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Re: 7.1

if you go crackberry you will find t-mobile and others have 7.1 but as always vodafone is always behind the game!!..

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Re: 7.1

You seem to keep posting URLs with '.../Trash/...' in it. Could you check the URL and post the working one please. Thanks.
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Re: 7.1

Hi RIMWalker,


Thanks for letting us know. I've now updated that link for you :smileywink:





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