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9780 Help Please

My blackberry has frozen on home screen and won't let me access any where on the phone, trackpad works if i put password in then it freezes.


I have done soft reset it but i have an email icon, text message icon and a blackberry app icon, so assuming the freezing is to do with app world . if you ring the phone, it rings but can't see it on my handset and can't pick up.


Any one know how i can get my fone working again as at my wits end as over the return period and its a sim free fone:womansad:


All advise greatly appreciated

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Re: 9780 Help Please

Just to update i did a security wipe via pc and now phone won't move past blackberry agreement on start up :smileysad:

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Re: 9780 Help Please

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Hello dappymare,


When you say that the phone won't move past the BlackBerry agreement, can you scroll down and select the OK button?

If not, you might need to rebuild the firmware on the device.


This is pretty easy to do. All you need is to download and install BlackBerry Desktop Manager and the latest Vodafone firmware for your device.

BlackBerry Desktop MAnager can be downloaded from here:

The latest Vodafone firmware can be got from here:


You should be able to create a backup using desktop manager. Do so before you install the firmware! Although, once you have installed the firmware, test the phone before you restore the back up. If after you restore the back up, the problem occurs again, then there is something in your back up that is causing the problem.Therefore use the selective restore option, to install each data file, to narrow down what is casuing the issue.


If the issue is still occuring before you restore the backup, then something is up with the actual handset. You will then have to get in touch with Vodafone to get you sorted.


Hope that doesn't freeak you out too much and helps. Do let us know.



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Re: 9780 Help Please

Hi, Thanks for the reply, but nothing has worked so had to take it back to shop I bought it from to be sent away for repair, as soon as i get it back and find out what caused the freezing problem i'll post it here :smileyhappy:

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Re: 9780 Help Please

Please help just got the new bold 9780 but I can't sent or receive pictures and my face book won't work out side of my house and also it won't allow me to access blackberry apps!!! Can anyone advise at all ....thanks
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Re: 9780 Help Please

Hi jennyp


Have you got BIS added to your account.  Without the addition of BIS to provide the access point to Blackberry service, you will be unable to send MMS, access the internet etc.


If you give Customer Care a call, they will be able to add BIS to your account for an extra charge of £5.00 per month.



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