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App Error 606

Please help!!


I was browsing on my mobile this morning and all of a sudden my phone switched itself off, when i restarted it came back with a write screen with the above message and a reset button, The reset button doesnt work.


I have seen other people mentioning plugging it into my pc and updating the OS but my PC isnt registering that i have plugged my phone in.


I really need to get back into my phone, please help!

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Re: App Error 606

Hi Shar,


To start with, can you try a hard reset for me?


- Switch the handset on
- Whilst powered up, remove the SIM card and battery
- Put the battery back in and switch on
- Wait a couple of minutes, then remove the battery again
- Replace the SIM and battery and switch back on


The Factory reset option requires you to be able to access the phone, so if it won't boot fully, you won't be able to try this. As a result, if the hard reset doesn't work, I'd suggest arranging a warranty repair of the device.



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