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Appear to have been charged twice for Blackberry Internet Services - Why??


        On Thursday July 19th I had just over £11 credit, I used £5 of it to opt-in to Blackberry Internet Services - leaving me with £6 credit. I recieved my confirmation text and reset my blackberry in order to get BIS up and running.  The next day, Friday July 20th I checked my credit only to discover I had just 63 pence left!!  I had only sent 5 texts between the 19th and 20th and had made no calls whatsoever, so why has my credit disappeared? I'm on a very low income and losing £6 in credit when I had already paid £5 for BIS is not something I can afford. I contacted Vodafone Cstomer Services via email on Friday evening but so far no response.


 The only crdedit I have left now is just over £2 of the IOU Credit and no chance of topping up until late next week, I'm really annoyed about this what is going on?? I may as well have thrown the money in the bin for all the good it's been using it for BIS.


 This is my second Blackberry and I never had these type of problems on my old one - this current one I've had since March and this is the first time I've opted into BIS with this one.

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Re: Appear to have been charged twice for Blackberry Internet Services - Why??

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Hi JulieRowe,

Your best option here would be to give Customer Care a call..

They will be able to see exactly what it is that your credit has been used for, and if you have been charged incorrectly for something they should be able to refund this for you

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Re: Appear to have been charged twice for Blackberry Internet Services - Why??

Hello JulieRowe


You wouldnt have been charged twice for Blackberry services, you have been charged for internet access.


BIS only provides the access point for Blackberry services, every time you use your BIS, you will also be making an internet connection and if you do not have an internet allowance, you will be charged the daily rate of £1.00 per day for your internet access.


Take a look at the text and web freebee, you will then be able to opt in and get your internet access to go with your BIS as a freebee.


Vodafone Freebees

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