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I Pay £20 a month on Contract. My Dad rung up Vodafone and they said i have to pay £5 extra! Why dont i get Bbm if i pay £20 already? if i was on pay as you go and i topped up £20 it would let me have BBM? So why not on Contract? On Orange you get BBM if you pay £20 a month for the same deal as me?! I really want BBM So help me and answer my qusetion?!

                                                                                                 ThankYou! x

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You have been given the correct advise by Customer Services, the charge for Blackberry service is £5.00 per month.  Without BIS, you would be unable to access the internet, BBM, Facebook etc.


If you topped up £20 on PAYG, you would get internet access as a Freebee, but you would still need to top up a further £5.00 for BlS.




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ThankYou but Yes i know but on the same deal on Orange you get Bbm Free! I Think its just Vodafone:@

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Hi JessPayne


First and foremost a very warm welcome to the eForum, it is fantastic to see new users here! :smileyhappy:


The post AnnS has put is correct with the information given (thank you), however I do also understand your frustration and would love to take a closer look for you.


So your details are not splashed over a public forum I have sent an email to the address you registered on here with, please complete and reply to this and we can take a better look.


Hope to hear from you soon.


Many Thanks



eForum Team

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I Cant put my details in as i am not 18 and my dad sorts out my phone! He has rung about this before but they are still making us pay that £5 extra!:@ On orange the same contract as mine they Get BBM free! So i am really not happy! Vodafone takes the mick....WHY CANT YOU GIVE BBM FREE?!

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