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BIS not working , Signal displays GSM any help?


     I opted into the Blackberry internet package a few days ago on Payg, it had bin working fine until yesterday where my device stopped sending/recieving messages on bbm. It also stopped being able to acess the internet browser, although i could still make calls. Also the service status showed Bis as not connected. I tried many methods to resolve this such as performing hard reboots and so forth but nothing seems to be working. is there any way to solve this problem? Thanks.

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Re: BIS not working , Signal displays GSM any help?

Hi paryske.


The fact that the signal indicator is only showing GSM means that there is no data connection available.  This could be due to one (or more) of the following:


1)The PAYG opt-in has opted out again.

Have you tried calling the opt-in number again?  Is there sufficient credit on your account?


2)A network fault in your local area

Is it just one area or have you moved around?  Do you know anyone else nearby on Vodafone with a similar problem?

Check the Forum Faults Board or call Customer Services to check your area.


3)A fault with the phone/SIM

Do you have access to another (unlocked or Vodafone phone) to test the SIM?


You say you've tried hard reboots (by which I assume you mean a battery pull?).  This should have reset most things - sometimes the phone can get 'stuck' if the signal is patchy.

How about the Host Routing Table ... have you tried a re-Register?  (To be honest ... I'm not sure if this will work if signal is GSM only but it's worth a go.)


Hope this helps.

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Re: BIS not working , Signal displays GSM any help?


I have a Blackberry Bold, with BIS on contract with Vodafone and have been having the same issue - regularly seeing GSM only, in an area where I have had no issues for the last 4 years (Harrow area).

Sometimes I get 3G, but not connection to Blackberry Internet.

I've tried hard reset, registering on network via host routing table and SIM card is fine in another phone. Vodafone confirm no problems in my area and no Blackberry issues and are (pointlessly I believe) sending me a new sim card.

My colleague, who works in the same area but has an iPhone with Vodafone is experiencing similar intermittent issues with accessing data services.

Sorry - this is no help to you, but I wonder if there are any more steps we can take.


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Re: BIS not working , Signal displays GSM any help?

Hi janistalis,


To be honest the only thing we can look at the data transfer rate and number of failures on the network for the site that you are connecting to.


By doing this it will help us identify if it is a capacity issue or if there is a general network issue in the area.


If you would like us to do this please let us know the full postcode where you see the issue and we can take a look.



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Re: BIS not working , Signal displays GSM any help?

I'm getting the same thing today - GSM only.  My postcode is SE1 6BW.  BIS is definitely not working and has been down since about 10:30am. 

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