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Accepted Solution Authenticator - help!

Righto, I have a BlackBerry 8520 and have downloaded the Authenticator app from the BB App Store. I have an error message appearing, saying:

"ERROR - Check the reception in your area. If you have a signal, the server may be temporarily unavailable. Please try again later".


Online, everyone says you need to alter the APN settings to allow this to work, and so have entered the ones stated on the Vodafone site. I am a PAYG customer and have a monthly subscription to the BIS service.


I have tried the following APN settings:

password: wap

username: web
password: web


As it states on Vodafone website these are correct for a PAYG customer, thanks in advance for any help!

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Re: Authenticator - help!

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Hi HAW95,

I do not use the Battle.Net authenticator myself (i dont play any games, and if i did, the authenticator is not compatible with my BlackBerry), but one thing which may be causing a problem is the permissions for the application.  If you have not granted it a trusted status, and allowed it access to the resources it needs on the BlackBerry, this may also cause a problem.

To check or change the permissions, go into the main menu, select OPTIONS, ADVANCED OPTIONS, APPLICATIONS.  Highlight the Battle.Net authenticator and press the Blackberry menu key and select CHANGE PERMISSIONS.  Set everything to ALLOW (if it is not already set to this) and then press the BlackBerry menu key again, and select SAVE if this is an option.  If you change anything, come back out of the menu's, and Hard Reset the phone by removing the battery whilst it is turned on, and then putting the battery back in and allowing the BlackBerry to reboot itself and then try again.  If you have not changed anything, you do not need to Hard Reset the device.


If this does not resolve the issue, and no further advice is posted, I would suggest contacting blizzard support for the application via e-mail at


Hope this helps in some way



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