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Blackberry Curve 8520 - MEP Code

I want to use my friend's old Blackberry with my SIM card on another network which is not Vodafone. My friend was on Vodafone when he was using his Blackberry and so I wonder how I might go about retrieving the MEP code for the phone? I have tried calling customer services but since I am not a Vodafone customer with a Vodafone number, I am unable to get through to speak to anybody! Thanks.

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Re: Blackberry Curve 8520 - MEP Code



If your friend had the phone on contract, he will need to request the unlock code from here. It's free for contract phones, but if he had it on PAYG, there's a fee of £19.99. You'd be able to get a PAYG SIM from a Vodafone store and top it up with £20 and use this credit (after filling the form in on the link) to get the unlock code.


Hope this helps

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